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Over the years I’ve done a ton of small business website SEO audits and with the the risk of being frank, I want to tell you something, no matter what it is you paid for your site it is worth NOTHING if nobody can find it. If you want to get noticed online, you’ll have […]

You Have Followers! Now what?

Engage Them!Social engagement is a buzz word that gets tossed around a lot these days, think about it as audience engagement. Essentially, it’s any action people take on your social media profiles. Twitter engagement might mean a follow, a re-tweet, a favourite. Facebook engagement might mean a Like, a Share, or a comment. Engagement to […]

Positioning Yourself In Your Marketplace Using Social Media

Jack Trout’s concept of positioning started in 1969 with an article he wrote for a small trade paper named Advertising Age. With Al Ries, in 1972, he took the concepts of the article and wrote a book called “Positioning; The Battle For Your Mind” The book quickly changed the way we saw advertising. What is […]

Social Media Paves The Way For Word Of Mouth Marketing

Have you ever heard of the term “Word of Mouth Marketing”? Simply put it’s people talking about your product or service. You can apply strategy to do this purposefully, or it can be as a result of other efforts you do in marketing that gets people talking. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly persuasive. What […]

6 Ways Smaller Companies Can Make a Bigger Marketing Waves

Pity the poor small company marketer. Like their counterparts at large companies, they face all the challenges of reaching their target market over ever more competitive channels. At the same time, they have to outshout competitors with bigger bullhorns while armed with smaller budgets. Regardless of the quality of their product, it’s much harder for […]

4 List Building Myths Debunked

by Perry Simpson original format here For years, marketers have debated over the best way to generate leads, with any number of previous or current “best practices” driving the rhetoric. It’s time for some consistency in the lead generation discussion, but before this can happen marketers must understand the realities behind the most pervasive myths […]

Five Ways To Improve The Open Rates Of Your Emails

Regardless of how much you use social media, studies have shown that email is still the most effective form of online marketing. The problem is that most emails don’t get read. Not because they land in spam folders, but because the receiver has no interest in reading them. If you’re looking to improve the open […]

15 Proven Subject Lines

Subject lines. A topic near and dear to my heart… I received an e-mail earlier this week from a consultant I follow – Ian Brodie – from the UK. Ian suggests the 15 e-mail subject lines discussed in his blog post: will increase response and open rates for your e-mail sequences (if you’re not […]

Effective Social Media Management Takes Time

I sat down this morning to manage my clients social media accounts and before you know it 2 hours had passed. What did I do for 2 hours? I read the Friday and Saturday night posts from past and prospect customers. I commented on photos and liked status’ on Facebook. I followed tweeters, and retweeted […]

Reading Your Website Stats

Most website hosting companies offer a “web stat” or “site statistics” report that can either be emailed to you periodically or accessed from the login panel on your hosting account. There are times, line uk viagra however, when sex is interrupted for one reason or another. The idea that irritable bowel syndrome can be caused […]