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Protect your email address from electronic harvesting

We’ve all had nuisance spam emails or texts from a company we didn’t recognize that made us wonder how they got our information in the first place. But did you know there is a law to protect you? A business has a responsibility to ensure that all individuals receiving its electronic messages have provided appropriate […]

Plain Text of HTML Emails? Which is best?

There are two formatting options when sending emails. HTML and Text only.Emails that are sent with pictures embedded are HTML emails. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is a standardized system for tagging text files to display font, colour, graphic and links in emails.* Text only is sending an email from a text based […]

6 Ways Smaller Companies Can Make a Bigger Marketing Waves

Pity the poor small company marketer. Like their counterparts at large companies, they face all the challenges of reaching their target market over ever more competitive channels. At the same time, they have to outshout competitors with bigger bullhorns while armed with smaller budgets. Regardless of the quality of their product, it’s much harder for […]

4 List Building Myths Debunked

by Perry Simpson original format here For years, marketers have debated over the best way to generate leads, with any number of previous or current “best practices” driving the rhetoric. It’s time for some consistency in the lead generation discussion, but before this can happen marketers must understand the realities behind the most pervasive myths […]

Five Ways To Improve The Open Rates Of Your Emails

Regardless of how much you use social media, studies have shown that email is still the most effective form of online marketing. The problem is that most emails don’t get read. Not because they land in spam folders, but because the receiver has no interest in reading them. If you’re looking to improve the open […]

15 Proven Subject Lines

Subject lines. A topic near and dear to my heart… I received an e-mail earlier this week from a consultant I follow – Ian Brodie – from the UK. Ian suggests the 15 e-mail subject lines discussed in his blog post: will increase response and open rates for your e-mail sequences (if you’re not […]