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Most website hosting companies offer a “web stat” or “site statistics” report that can either be emailed to you periodically or accessed from the login panel on your hosting account.

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How do you read the data presented?There are a number of different stats offered within the report you will receive but there are a few things you should pay particular attention to:

– Hits: The total number of requests that were made to the site during the report period.

(Any request made to the Web server is logged as a hit. The request can be for files, such as an HTML page, graphic image, audio file or CGI script, or for queries made by search engine spiders. ie. If you have 10 pictures on your home page this is logged as 10 hits)

– Pages (Also called Page Views): The number of pages viewed during the report period.

Hypertext mark-up files (.html or .htm) and files that generate HTML documents (for example, .asp .cgi). are considered pages.

– Visits (Also called Sessions): An attempt to measure the number of times visitors go to a Website during the report period.

How to interpret performance based on these stats.

First of all, start with a benchmark. Before starting any campaign that will require an increased number of traffic to your website you need to know what your standing stats are. Without this statistic, you will have nothing to compare your new stats too.

Second, as a rough interpretation, look at the number of visits you have had to your site, and then to the number of page views you have had. This will let you calculate your pages viewed by visitors which can be handy in calculating conversions.

We’ll discuss conversions and calculations at a later date. For now understanding the difference between hits, pages viewed and visitors is enough to get you started in reading your website statistics


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