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Micro-Influencer for Human Resource Professionals

In early 2016 the term micro-influencer started gaining in popularity. It’s a newer concept relating to influencer marketing, popular among celebrities, millennials and gen Xers. Brands will often partner with other companies, or individuals, who have access to specifically targeted audiences, primarily a subscriber-base or follower-base on social media. Why might someone want to hi-jack someone else’s audience? To leverage the extended reach, and authenticity of these networks, to promote their products with emails, blog posts, or other creatives.

Best Practice in HR

The largest network built by the Whitmarsh Consulting Group is the Best Practice in HR network consisting of 145,000 HR professionals.

Best Practice in TLC

The third of the Best Practice networks. The Best Practice in Training, Leadership, and Coaching blog was created as a niche blog to promote content for leadership and coaching professionals.  Currently servicing over 35,000 niche professionals.

Best Practice in Talent Acquisition 

In January of 2020, the Best Practice networks grew again. The Best Practice in Talent Acquisition blog network was created as a niche blog to promote content for recruitment and staffing trends.   This has been the fastest-growing network so far, with over 38,000 recruiters.

Best Practice in Sales and Marketing

The first network built by the Whitmarsh Consulting Group, this multi-author blog for sales and marketing professionals has a growing network of over 53,000 professionals.

Best Practice in Benefits

In January of 2021, the Whitmarsh Consulting group added to the family with the release of the Best Practice in Benefits blog network was created as a niche blog to promote content for compensation and benefits, growing fast with almost 20,000 benefit executives.