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A couple weeks ago I asked you what you wanted to know most about Blogging, it seemed pretty unanimous that what you wanted to know was:“Should I be blogging?” The Answer: Yes!

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Blogging to Share Ideas Have you ever had a conversation with a client and thought, “Man I should write a book!” Well, blogging is a way for you to express your thoughts in a way that is less intimidating. Writing your thoughts down allows you to examine them more closely.Sharing your blog posts with your clients in Newsletters, or on social networks like Facebook helps your audience to build their confidence in the skills you offer. The more about a particular topic that you blog about the more likely your site visitors or potential clients will say ,”Hey! This guy knows a lot about this topic, he must be an expert!”

Blogging To Promote Content

Content creation is the hub of Inbound Marketing. A blog post itself is content that earns a customers trust. You can  use your blog as a distribution channel for other content too; things like podcasts, videos, and eBooks.Anytime you wish to share something you created, think to yourself…. Is there anything left that i can say about this? Then write about it!

SEO and Blogging

Each blog you create can be used as part of your Search Engine Marketing efforts. This is especially true if you take the time to link keywords, otherwise known as anchor words, to your website.

Example:  A Realtor has created a podcast about “The importance of Home Ownership” and he intends to share it with his Facebook fans.

In a blog post he writes, ” The inspiration for creating this podcast was that I often help first time buyers with buying a home in Macon.  As a result I have seen first hand the emotional and financial benefits Home Ownership has.”

To benefit from SEO on his blog he would link the words, “first time buyers” and “buying a home in Macon” to his website.

There is dual benefit to this;

A. Home buyers in Macon may search and find his blog post directly, thus allowing more potential buyers to listen to his podcast.

B. The backlinks you created in the blog post tells the Search Engines that your website is relevant for the key terms you linked. So if a buyer searched “buying a home in Macon” and your site is indexed, it might show higher in the search results then other websites in your area.

In Conclusion 

Blogging not only helps you promote content you have created, it can help position you as an expert in your field and your website SEO can also benefit.


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