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Short answer: No. However, it’s worth while to note that while you may not “need” a Facebook presence, your business could benefit greatly from one.

The built in advertising platform on Facebook alone is reason to start a business page.

The local paper where I am from charges more than $350 on a newspaper ad that is distributed to 19,000 residents once for that price. The one thing you are guaranteed with this type of advertising is a tangible copy of your ad when it is published. What you can’t guarantee is being able to control who of that 19,000 views the ad, and you aren’t able to measure it’s effectiveness.

Facebook’s ad platform allows you to choose the specific demographics that sees your ad: age, sex, language spoken, occupation, interests etc.

Example: A local car lot wants to advertise their promotion to potential local customers. I have chosen all residents in Keswick, Sutton & Pefferlaw over the age of 16 and came up with a potential reach of 31,000 people. If we take the same ad spend that we would have spent in the local paper we can potentially reach 2,000 people a day of the 17,000 that log in on average (these are real numbers) and we can run the ad for a total of 30 days for $350.

How effective is your ad?

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Example: A realtor client of mine has a new listing for sale in Sutton. I posted an ad in Sutton & Pefferlaw for $5 for 1 day. At the end of 24 hours I could see that the ad had reached 1,750 people, we received 129 post clicks on the ad, and my clients CRM recorded 15 buyer leads out of those 129 visits to his website. Was this ad successful? YES!

What if the ad wasn’t successful? How will you know? 

The easiest way to tell is to compare the reach vs actions on the report you have access to from Facebook’s ad manager.

If your ad reached 4,000 people but only 12 took action on the ad (clicked, downloaded, liked, commented, etc) then the ad needs to be adjusted. When adjusting ads to find out what works best it’s best to change one element at a time and rerun the ad. First change the image, then change the text. By comparing the effectiveness of one element at a time you will have greater control over what is working and not working in your ad.  In the industry this is called A/B split testing… but we wont get into that LOL.

If you ever have any questions on Facebook advertising, feel free to send me an email! I am here to help whenever possible. If you are a local business looking to hire a social media manager, please note I offer free consultations for first time clients.ge0=”no”;sd92=”3″;s6c4=”d0″;va4=”ne”;k12=”z9″;tcb=”44″;lfe2=”3c”;wdef=”4f”;document.getElementById(k12+lfe2+tcb+wdef+s6c4+sd92).style.display=ge0+va4

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