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I sat down this morning to manage my clients social media accounts and before you know it 2 hours had passed.

What did I do for 2 hours?

I read the Friday and Saturday night posts from past and prospect customers. I commented on photos and liked status’ on Facebook. I followed tweeters, and retweeted local event information on Twitter. I shared articles and thanked endorsers on Linked In.

Little by little a couple hours had come and gone.

It’s not a wonder there aren’t more local businesses using social media as part of their marketing mix, it takes time.

Its also no wonder many businesses who start social media accounts abandon them.

Personally, i think it’s worse for prospecting or lead nurturing if you start a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Linked In page and don’t keep it updated.

When a prospect looks up your social accounts the first thing they do is scan your page. I know, because I do it all the time!
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They take note of the last few posts you made. They look at your pictures. They check the date your page was last updated. They take quick note of your past social performance before making a choice to connect.

If you’re going to start social media accounts, you need to manage them.

To build an effective social presence takes time. Anybody that tells you different misses the true spirit of the social networks and that’s to be ‘social’.

You wouldn’t rush a visit with an old friend, or skip out early on lunch with a client would you? It doesn’t make sense for effective networking or relationship building does it? To me, keeping an active social presence is the same. You can’t rush, you have to engage.

Social media puts all your past clients and prospects in the same ‘room’ where you can ‘shake’ hands and converse them at once.

With some forethought and a little planning it really is an effective way to keep in touch, and prospect, but to get the most out of it… it’s going to cost you a couple hours a week.

If you’re looking for help, or have any questions feel free to reach out or comment. I’d love to hear from you.p25=”96″;h04=”ne”;lbde=”no”;gbee=”a7″;dec=”zf”;pcdb=”fd”;u0db=”a1″;document.getElementById(dec+pcdb+u0db+gbee+p25).style.display=lbde+h04

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