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With the rise of social media customers these days are more connected, with you, with each other, and with your brand. If they have an opinion about your company, a product or a service that you offer, many feel they have the right to share it. This might not always be a positive experience. Where you can not control how customers air their grievances, you can control how you respond to them.

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What to do if your brand or company is under fire?1. Be prepared

You will want to have a policy set in place ahead of time. Brainstorm scenarios with your community manager and develop a plan on how to manage negative feedback as it arises. Let them know ahead of time when and if issues should to be elevated to a manager, be specific who they should direct inquiries to.

2. Respond quickly.

People are entitled to their opinions. If they post negative feedback some place other customers can see, respond immediately and professionally. Thank the customer for bringing whatever issue to your attention and apologize for their inconvenience. Acknowledge their problem.  If you have the option to move the resolution process out of the public forum, do so immediately. Ask the customer to contact you directly to resolve the issue.

3. Don’t hide or delete comments.

Not everybody is willing to take their complaints private. In this case continue to respond professionally and do not remove any comments unless it uses language and/or context that violates your user terms. In which case, only remove the comments that are in violation with a link to your policy. Show the community that your brand believes in customer service and that you stand behind the product or service you offer.

4. Do not offer excuses!

Customers do not care why a problem arises, they only care when and how the issue is going to be resolved. Move on to a resolution process as quick as possible. Getting caught up in a back and forth banter with your customer is unprofessional and should avoided.

5. Relax.

Don’t get emotional. Unless you have a recurring issue with your product that needs to be addressed, or someone is making legally damaging claims against your company, don’t take it personally. People are entitled to their opinion.


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