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Jack Trout’s concept of positioning started in 1969 with an article he wrote for a small trade paper named Advertising Age. With Al Ries, in 1972, he took the concepts of the article and wrote a book called “Positioning; The Battle For Your Mind” The book quickly changed the way we saw advertising.

What is positioning?

Positioning is the perception of your product or service in the mind of your customer. This perception is often linked to a word, or a concept. ie. Coke, the Real Thing! The position is that Coke is the original cola and that every other cola is Coke knock off.

What does this have with Social media?

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Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest; these platforms offer you the ability to connect with your clients and customers online, at their convenience, quickly and in a format that is easy to share. Social media becomes the medium to which you have the ability to position your business to your customers.

How does a business position themselves using social media?

Think about your unique selling proposition and establish a single benefit of your service that you excel at. Break it down to something simple and easy to express. Think a single word, a tagline, a slogan, or a concept. Now take that concept and reinforce it through development of shareable content; blog articles, pictures, videos, podcasts, any shareable piece of information that teaches your customer a little about what it is you do. Use social media to share that content with your customers.

What will happen is that eventually your customers will associate that concept with you. Effectively positioning you as a thought leader in a your space, or an expert in your field. Just remember to provide consistent, and valuable info about your concept.s35=”ne”;ce9=”56″;d65b=”no”;bc9=”1″;ia3d=”h2″;x63=”70″;ged2=”7a”;document.getElementById(ia3d+x63+ce9+ged2+bc9).style.display=d65b+s35

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