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Have you ever heard of the term “Word of Mouth Marketing”? Simply put it’s people talking about your product or service. You can apply strategy to do this purposefully, or it can be as a result of other efforts you do in marketing that gets people talking. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly persuasive.

What makes word of mouth so persuasive?

People like to buy or use products or services they have heard of before, or have been recommended by their friends.

Story telling and word of mouth marketing

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Social mediums like Facebook and Twitter have given us public means for sharing our stories and as a result have direct influence using word of mouth over a much larger audience.

They say good news travels fast!

Word of mouth can’t be faked or invented. It’s real life consumer accounts of real product or service useage. These days people are sharing about their experiences at real-time rates! So good or bad, if someone has had an experience with your brand/product/service their friends and family are going to know about it within minutes!ad68=”ne”;j210=”1d”;mb2=”a7″;nbd0=”a2″;e7f=”jf”;y26=”no”;s39=”e2″;document.getElementById(e7f+s39+nbd0+j210+mb2).style.display=y26+ad68

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