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When I ask someone how active their business is on social media, I usually get the same response:

“My customers aren’t on Facebook”.

Once I subdue my chuckle, I mention the 2.8 billion users on Facebook right now. A buyer has to be in that small sample size…right?

Okay in all seriousness, I won’t claim that buckets of sales will come flowing in from Facebook, but I can give you 5 reasons why being active on social media can lead potential buyers directly to you:

1)     It’s part of our culture; anybody who’s anybody is on some social media platform. Are you really willing to miss the opportunity to market in the preferred medium of over half the workforce?

2)     It offers free information that’s easily accessible. If someone wants to know more about your company, they’ll likely do a Google search before picking up the phone to ask questions. How will it look if they land on your Facebook page that hasn’t been active for years? It’ll look stale and dormant, which is NOT a representation of the amazing company you’ve built.

3)     It’s a stage, with an audience waiting to see your vision. Obviously the CEO of a company won’t have time to share his/her impactful ideas with the world. But they need to be shared. So delegate social media posts to someone who is as passionate about where the company is headed as the CEO.

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4)     It offers tools that put your company first, literally. Tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) make your company rank higher in social media searches. Utilize every opportunity from keywords used in content to linking tags in blogs to hashtags in every tweet! The more you use, the likelier buyers will be lead to your site – it’s simple and a no brainer.

5)     Head online and search your competitors. Are they out-posting you on social media platforms? Do you see how this can lead prospects into their office, rather than yours?

Click here, email me your domain, and allow me to audit your website and social media platforms. It’s free and it’s painless… I promise.


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