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Engage Them!Social engagement is a buzz word that gets tossed around a lot these days, think about it as audience engagement. Essentially, it’s any action people take on your social media profiles.

Twitter engagement might mean a follow, a re-tweet, a favourite.
Facebook engagement might mean a Like, a Share, or a comment.

Engagement to me also includes a click through to a blog, or a product you offer. Engagement is key for social media success. The whole point of social media management is to entice your audience into interacting with your brand. Why? Well, to earn their business of course.

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So… what should I say?After a couple months of list building you have might have managed to convince 1000 people to follow you on Twitter and 300 people to Like your product page on Facebook. Essentially, you now have a room of 1300 people waiting for you to say something. Ummm…. Is this thing on?

  • Thank them for being there
  • Ask Questions
  • Address their concerns
  • Tell them about your self
  • Teach them something that you’re good at
  • Leave them interested and motivated

But I don`t have a lot of followers!

That`s OK! Don`t be discouraged. In a local market it is better to have 10 great customers then 100 passive ones. As long as you continue to create good, useful, relevant content, that engages your audience, your fan base will grow. It`s inevitable!


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