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Attract, Engage, Delight With Social Media

Whether you are new to social media marketing, or a seasoned expert, the process of starting and warming up a social media account is the same. There is a cycle you have to engage in to make the best use of your time online. The good news is that this cycle follows a buyer’s cycle […]

You Have Followers! Now what?

Engage Them!Social engagement is a buzz word that gets tossed around a lot these days, think about it as audience engagement. Essentially, it’s any action people take on your social media profiles. Twitter engagement might mean a follow, a re-tweet, a favourite. Facebook engagement might mean a Like, a Share, or a comment. Engagement to […]

Effective Social Media Management Takes Time

I sat down this morning to manage my clients social media accounts and before you know it 2 hours had passed. What did I do for 2 hours? I read the Friday and Saturday night posts from past and prospect customers. I commented on photos and liked status’ on Facebook. I followed tweeters, and retweeted […]