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“The Whitmarsh Consulting Group is a group of distinctively skilled individuals who specialize in creating revenue streams through digital marketing.” ~ Anisa Aven, CEO – Turnkey Coaching Solutions Inc.
David Whitmarsh
David Whitmarsh | CEO

Every company story starts with it’s CEO.

David Whitmarsh has spent a lifetime in sales and marketing. He started at a very young age working in outside sales for a company his father owned. Today’s Business Product was a leader in the office supply space, earning the position of the 2nd largest office supply company in Canada at the time.

From there David joined Corporate Express as a sales leader. Corporate Express was later sold and eventually became the company now known as Staples.

After which, David spent 14 years with serving as the VP of Sales and then the VP of Research & Revenue. is the largest social network and online community of Human Resource executives trusted by more then 1 million HR professionals worldwide.

Rise of the Micro-Influencer

In 2014 he founded the Whitmarsh Consulting Group on the premise of starting a collaborative web space for Sales and Marketing professionals, namely the Best Practice in Sales and Marketing blog. By the end of his first year, he grew the Best Practice in Sales and Marketing network to include more than 53,000 sales and marketing professionals.

The more time David spent trying to focus on his Sales and Marketing network, his Human Resource contacts continued to consult with him on areas of Inbound Marketing (Content Creation and/or Promotion, Webinar Hosting, Social Media Management, Blogging, Landing Pages, Whitepapers, etc.)

In 2015,  he began the Best Practice in HR network and in  5 short years has grown that network to more than 220,000 HR professionals.  In 2018 he launched Best Practice in TLC (Training, Leadership and Coaching) in January of 2020 Best Practice in Talent Acquisition was launched and followed up with Best Practice in Benefits

It’s my goal to bring your company product to as many targeted individuals as possible. I can identify a specific vertical, if you haven’t done so already, and design a campaign around that to generate leads. ~ David Whitmarsh

A Growing Team

Today the Whitmarsh Consulting Group employs 2 full-time consultants, 2 sales professionals, and 4 part-time facilitators with a network of partners, writers, and analysts available for on a project-by-project basis.

If you are looking to include a micro-influencer into your marketing mix or would like a free 30-minute marketing consultation, contact us.

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