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WCG-BP partners with HireMoJo to offer flat fee recruiting

WCG-BP Launches Partner-Based Women’s Program

WCG-BP launches vendor partner showcase series. If you are a vendor, who partners and would like to be showcased out to other HR Vendors get in touch

WCG-BP Introduces Performance-Based Marketing – Avoid the lunch bag letdown and finally get what you pay for.

WCG-BP Works with LeanDEI to launch a new DEI Survey Click to Participate. Read the press releases here

WCG-BP Launches 12 Months of Virtual Fun. In Partnership with Turnkey Coaching Solutions, we have 12 virtual events covering a variety of HR Topics.

WCG-BP is looking for referral products and services for a coaching network.

Coming Soon –

A Facelift for all of our network sites.
A Vendor Directory that will be designed for HR professionals.
A Revolutionary Marketing Hub for resellers.